Wildflower Seed Mix


Wildflower seed mix consisting of Ox Eye Daisy, Yarrow, Red Campion,Cornflower, Forget Me Not, Field Poppy, Cow Parsley, Ammi Majus, Buttercup, Foxglove, White Campion and Meadow Clary.These flowers are ideal for Sunny or shaded areas and like poor soil.

Sow in the area you want the Wild Flowers to grow from April to July.
Rake the area and then sow the seeds, mix the seeds up with sharp sand. This enables you to see where the seeds and have sown and if you any patches.

Then gently roll or walk on the area to press you seeds into the soil, water then leave.

Low maintenance, some flowers establish foliage in the first year and some will flower the second year.

81% of the wildflowers in this mix are recommended by RHS as being perfect for pollinators.

Contents in each Pack may vary accordingly 

Each Pack is 3g so this will cover 1 square meter