Natures Resilience Show Garden Seeds


The soundtrack of the past year has been the hum of anxiety. Plants have the ability to heal, calm, clarify the mind, awaken senses, spark imagination and bring joy –there is nothing new about this, this is ancient wisdom. Its everyday magic that is at everyone’s fingertips. With a small patch of soil and a handful of seeds the extraordinary power of flowers is released. Every plant within our border is there for its therapeutic properties and its beauty –for the mind, the body and the soul. Follow our path through a journey of recovery, restoration and inspiration.

Create a section of Natures Resilience in your garden, from the showcase garden at this years BBC Gardeners World Live.

This specially combined seed mix consisting of Borage, Echinacea, Roman Chamomile, Calendula and Clary Sage all perfect for pollinators and would look great grown in a border or container.

All of the flowers have a medicinal link to anxiety and depression and calming properties. Seeds can be shown indoors from October or outside from the end of March, after the last frost.

50 Seeds Per Pack

Open Pollinated from flowers grown here at Seedsology