January - The month for Planning and Sowing Seeds

Hi Guys,

Well What a month January has been! The weather has gone from one extreme to another Rain, Wind and Snow! But apart from that the planning the year ahead has started.

Like most of you I sit down and start a plan for the year ahead, the meadow is pretty straight forward just a case of maintenance and this year we are adding different flowers that will work well with the pollinators. For Example I'm going to introduce some Hollyhocks to the meadow this year. As they were a great success in the Kitchen Garden. 

So I sit and draw , look at sowing times the weather conditions we had last year etc etc… then I get mislaid enticed by online stores and before you know it I've order more vegetable seeds!
its like some sort of addiction, am I feeding the whole of Lincolnshire??

Then here comes the sowing , I say it every year "I'm only going to sow what we need to eat"!
Anyone else familiar with this?
Fast forward to nearly the end of January its all gone to pot! Excited once again with the joys of seeing seedlings, I've gone overboard on the tomatoes 9 different Varieties that's 90 Seedlings!

Apart from having some sort of addiction to growing tomatoes, I'm in the process of growing indoors some Lupins and Foxglove that I will add to the Meadow in March. 

Exciting News is that we have bees coming this Spring, another local farmer is putting some hives adjacent to the meadow in a woodland, so that will be perfect for the flowers in the meadow.

Well I'm going to sign off now and catch up with you all in a week to let you know about some rather exciting news I will have to share with you.

So if you don't need it don't sow it, pass it on and swap your seeds!

BG0A5990JPGHollyhocksjpg HollyhockLupinsjpg