Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to the crazy goings on of Seedsology!

We are a small farm here on the Lincolnshire Fens, 3 years ago we decided to turn our 3 acre field into a Meadow. This decision was made purely for the fact we have nesting Barn Owls and when Harvest time came, the hunting ground for the Barn owls was diminished. 

So we set about sowing wild flower seeds and let nature take its course! During the first 3 years it was a massive learning curve, what to grow where, Cross Pollination, Wind! As if you know Lincolnshire its called the windy county! Nothing to do with the beans I had last night !

Let's say there were challenges I'm not going to lie, so fast forward to 2021.
The Meadow is thriving with life and numerous inhabitants from Muntjac who love the buttercups to Barry the Hare (named by my son as he found him as a leveret) Butterflies, Beetles, Bees and numerous Wild Birds.

During the first lockdown we started preparing and selling our flower seeds, more people were becoming aware of there gardens and nature and had time to focus on there gardens.

So this blog is a daily journey of what we do here at Seedsology, it will be funny and somewhat interrupted by my Jack Russell Drat and my youngest son Jacob! 

We Start off on 18th January which is the start of Seed Saving Week, so if your interested in flowers or just want a nosey into what goes on here and have a general laugh.

See you all Monday !