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About us

Here at Seedsology we are passionate about Wildflowers and Meadows, Since 1930's the UK has lost 7.5 million acres of Wild Flower Meadow Fields. They are vital for maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem, so 4 years ago we set aside 3-acres of land and started building our Meadow Field.

This has been a great success, as we have now have nesting Barn Owls that use the Meadow as part of their hunting ground. It is also frequented by Wild Roe Deer and Pheasants, Partridges and Hares, as well as lots of other pollinators.

We also grow Cottage Garden Flowers too, such as Cosmos, Cornflower, Stocks, Nigella, Marigolds, Gypsophila, Calendulas, Larkspur ( Take a look at our Seed Shop ) and collect the seeds from these open pollinated flowers too. 

We are taking part in this year's BBC Gardener's World Live show, our Showcase Garden Natures Resilience can be found here  Natures Resilience - BBC Gardeners' World Live - BBC Gardeners World Live to celebrate this we have created a special seed mix, which consists of some of the show flowers we have grown here at Seedsology for the Showcase Garden. 

Natures Resilience Show Garden Seeds (seedsology.co.uk)


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What is Open Pollinated?

Open pollinated flowers are produced by seeds that have resulted from natural pollination of the parent plant. These types of pollination methods include self-pollination as well as pollination achieved by birds, insects, and the wind and rain.  Our seeds are allowed to mature and are then Harvested, one very important aspect of open pollinated seeds is that they grow true-to-type. Which means that the plant produced from the collected seeds will be very similar to and display the same characteristics as the parent plant.